Corporate & Strategic Communication Skills Everyone Should Master Now
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Corporate and Strategic Communication Skills for Hospitality Managers

We can all communicate instinctively; in fact, the average manager does this better than most. Don’t, however, let this blind you to the fact that there are several highly useful techniques you can use to talk, listen, and write more effectively.

Instructor: Manish GuptaLanguage: English

About the course

Every hospitality business is constantly putting forward a corporate brand and identity. This applies both to a million-dollar ad campaign and appeasing an irate customer.


The quality of communication plays an essential role in how your company is perceived; now, in the age of online reviews, this is truer than ever. In addition, clear and professional communication is essential in avoiding misunderstandings and disputes with suppliers and other partners, training subordinates, and running effective meetings. 

How Well Can You Communicate (Really)?

The main stumbling block for students who are considering taking this course is often a mistaken belief that they’re already effective communicators. It is, unfortunately, very easy to fall into this trap. Try asking yourself:

  • Do you often explain things to people as clearly as you can, only to discover later that they’ve missed the point?
  • How often do disagreements between you and others turn into arguments?
  • Do the emails you send sometimes escalate into interminable threads, no matter how simple the subject?
  • When communicating with a group, do you consciously take their background and motivations into account?
  • Does each memo or notice you send out result in a flood of questions?
  • When someone tells you about a problem, do you immediately work with them to figure out possible solutions?

The truth is that bad communicators usually don’t realize it; this is one of those problems that are much easier to spot from the outside. It is for this reason, among many others, that this course in communication skills is recommended for all supervisors and managers, not just those who already accept that there’s room for improvement.

What This Course Will Teach You:

This course typically takes 6 hours to complete, not counting the time you’ll spend practicing and honing the techniques you’ll learn in your daily interactions with others. This is time well spent, though, as good communication skills often make the difference between effective, well-liked colleagues and their complete opposites.


Some of the things you can expect to learn include:

  • Practicing active listening.
  • How to manage meetings and group discussions efficiently.
  • Resolving conflicts before they become emotionally charged.
  • The fundamentals of corporate communication and representing your company to the public.
  • Training others in appropriate, professional communication skills.
  • Effective written and oral communication with strategic partners, including negotiation skills.

Perhaps the single most important factor that makes effective leaders stand out, from team supervisors to CEOs, is good communication skills. These can indeed be taught and learned – anyone, including ambitious students, will find that this course offers plenty of value for money.



Meet Manish Gupta

Energetic, ambitious and Result-oriented professional, offering +15 years of extensive experience in Hotel Management, supporting hotel operations, Finance, Audit, Risk management, marketing and Customer experience.

Manish has hands-on experience in Hospitality finance, Financial Planning and Analysis, Managing Hotel operations (quality, marketing, peoples management and bringing change)

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