What are the skills that are in trend for gaining employment in the Hospitality Industry

Are you looking to gain employment in the Hospitality Industry? #CoronaCrisis has created lot of threats and employment opportunities in the hospitality industry space and education space. Learn from #hotelindustry leaders, what are those latest trends and how you can enhance your #career opportunities and What are do's and don'ts of #job search on Linked in and other mediums. Discover here what skills are in trend and necessary for success.

New trends and opportunities for employment in the hospitality industry

  • Focus on hygiene and sanitation: creating needs of hygiene managers
  • Health and wellness will boost the need for nutritionist and wellness experts and personal well being.
  • Content marketer and Storytellers for digital marketing
  • Guest experience designers and creators
  • Sustainability and CSR experts

Key Skills that will help you to get employment in hospitality industry in new era

  • Multi-tasking due to control of labor cost control
  • Up-selling skills would be needed to make most of the existing guests
  • Personal interaction with guests
  • Problem-solving and Design thinking skills for creating experiences.
  • Storytelling for marketer
  • Digital Marketing skills.

Manish Gupta

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